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Welcome to NEES @ UC Davis
Center for Geotechnical Modeling

The Center for Geotechnical Modeling (CGM) at UC Davis hosts one of the large-scale experimental facilities in the George E. Brown, Jr., Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) funded by the National Science Foundation. NEES is NSF's fourteen-year investment in the earthquake engineering research community. This visionary project aims to reduce the vulnerability of our civil infrastructure to the damaging effects of earthquakes by accelerating the rate at which research discoveries are made and integrated into technologies and products for engineering practice. Information about NEES can be obtained from NSF and the NEEShub.

nees @ uc davis We are a NEES site and a Center for Geotechnical Modeling - people, ideas, & facilities. Our uniqueness is performing complex and detailed centrifuge model tests that leverage the large size and unique capabilities of our facility to best explore fundamental and practical problems that are important for earthquake hazard reduction efforts. We support our users in meeting their research goals by engaging them early and working with them to enhance their science.

Explore our web site to learn about capabilities, activities, and opportunities at the NEES @ UC Davis facility. You will find examples of the fundamental and applied research activities performed at our facility and be able to peruse a listing of past projects for which experimental data have been archived for public sharing. You will also find information on items ranging from the principles of dynamic centrifuge modeling, to the technical specifications of our equipment, to the education, outreach, and training activities at this world-class centrifuge facility.

Operation of NEES @ UC Davis is supported through NEEScomm at Purdue University through NSF award CMMI-0927178.